Hi All.

I’ve been doing some improvised guitar pieces called Murmurations on my instagram page. Something to do in the current lockdown. They are dedicated to mental health: yours, and mine! During this era I think being in the moment is the best way, so these electric guitar pieces are made up on the spot with no foresight whatsoever for my part. The stumbles, fumbles and clunks are all part of it. Thrills and spills. Up to 17 and counting.
They are on my instagram igtv at

I’ve also been working at Oceanic Studio with indigenous legends Bunna Lawrie’s Coloured Stone on a new LP, as well as some Family Dog activity, which included a June gig at Sydney Town Hall in support of Refugee Week. We backed up Manus and Mantra refugees and musicians Farhad Bandesh and Moz Azimitibar; the gig was enabled by Amnesty Australia and the Refugee Action Network.

Much love and music, Jim