Hi all.

I’ve taken the big jump of editing my long neglected website, instead of all this social networking nonsense.

I’ve got a 5 track EP coming out on Thursday. My third EP in as many years, all material recorded in 2016 in my studio.

I felt putting it out before (or even as) the Oils’ hit the road was timely, if not just to park theses 3 EPs as one body of work, perhaps anticipating another body of work yet to arrive, fingers crossed.

It’s called ‘Armies of The Heart’. The theme of the EP is love and loss and rebirth, universal themes to be sure, perhaps these tunes may resonate. They all seemed to glom together into one solid group, falling into some kind of natural order, rolling out a little like Elisabeth Kubler Ross and her Five Stages of Grieving.

I wrote, sang, played all the instruments pretty much except the amazing Lozz Benson on drums on a couple of tracks. There’s a co-write with Neil Murray too.

I hope you enjoy it, and receive it in the cheerful spirit in which it was made. Will let you know more as the days progress, and hopefully see you out on the road somewhere between Wollongong, Canberra, Manchester and Birdsville.