Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) has focused his intuitive composing and masterly guitar playing in this new solo work Murmurations. Inspired by a natural phenomenon that he witnessed in Ireland, the massive gatherings of starlings that occurs during winter evenings, this quiet music, played live and completely solo, resounds with ethereal tones that comfort and surprise. 

‘Murmurations – mesmerizing, image propagating,  journey taking, captivating … meditating. Mother Nature imagery. My brain was a kaleidoscope while listening.’  

‘I personally love the album – the mood and atmosphere each ‘day of the week’ creates.’ Justin Heitman

‘About time, to get a record that you can listen to over and over again.’ Christabel Blackman

Moginie himself says of the performance: ‘Those random movements, sometimes repetitive, that in the language of a singular guitar I sought to echo nature. I flatter myself to think I could come close.

Murmurations makes a quiet musical landscape for the mind to wander within, with a precision of playing that is somehow deliberate yet completely improvised, shifting from single notes to chords that tap out a rhythm that holds or dissipates. Ambient, jazz tinged, orchestral. The music challenges our imagination, beckoning it to explore diverse emotional terrains. 

The album will be released April 28 digitally through Orchard and Sony Music. Pre-save and pre-add

Jim Moginie will launch Murmurations at Lazy Bones Lounge on Thursday May 18, 2023.  Doors/Restaurant 7pm.  Accompanying Jim for part of the performance is jazz legend Hamish Stuart on drums, and Adam Ventoura (Midnight Oil, Jessica Mauboy, Ian Moss, Declan Kelly) on bass.

Hi All.

Lots of touring with Midnight Oil throughout the rest of 2022. Have worked on ‘One Voice’ (for Bones) with Rob Hirst and Hamish Stuart. Produced and mixed and mastered ‘Heart Of A Woman’ by WA indigenous women prisoners, lovely collection of heartfelt songs and a cracking version of Midnight Oil’s Dead Heart.

Love and music, Jim