2 weeks ago

Jim Moginie

It was a high honour to join in with the #bobbrownfoundation discussion about the future of the planet with Bob himself, #shanehowardtrio #neilmurraymusic #adalitax and others last year. I performed the song Tarkine which seemed appropriate given the state government’s nonsensical policy of destroying the habitats of endangered animals with arcane logging practices. Give to the cause at www.tarkine.org ... See MoreSee Less

It was a high honour to join in with the #bobbrownfoundation discussion about the future of the planet with Bob himself, #shanehowardtrio #neilmurraymusic #adalitax and others last year. I performed the song Tarkine which seemed appropriate given the state government’s nonsensical policy of destroying the habitats of endangered animals with arcane logging practices. Give to the cause at http://www.tarkine.org


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Jim, it is time for a second trilogy of “Music For Our Mother Ocean”, Midnight Oil must be part of this in this new opportunity, MOM IV, V and VI, right now!

We tuned in to that event. Excellent!

So much gratitude for all you do in supporting/promoting these great causes, sir.

Great cause! Great song! Hope it will be on the new Oils album!

Shared x

Thank you, Jim.

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2 weeks ago

Jim Moginie

Spain in 1981: a coup interrupts Congress. At 1.14 am on 24th February, dressed in his commander-in-chief uniform, King Juan Carlos makes a brief speech on live television and condemns the coup. “The crown is the symbol of permanence and unity of the country,” he says. “We cannot tolerate… people who seek to interrupt the democratic process by force.”

Juan Carlos condemns the coup attempt on live television
Juan Carlos condemns the coup attempt on live television
On hearing the news of the king’s speech, the plotters blink. Milans del Bosch pulls his troops back and is arrested at 5am. Tejero, isolated, calls off his siege and shortly before midday footage is taken of him and his men jumping unceremoniously from a small window in the parliament building and shaking hands before walking off to be arrested.

The king has stood firm. He has saved democracy. He has also made explicitly clear that he has thrown off his Francoist inheritance. His people adore him for it, some even going so far as to declare themselves juancarlistas, and he will hold their affection until the ‘Elephantgate’ incident in 2012.
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Jim “Encyclopedia” Moginie! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I’ve just seen that Biden has now been certified as President so hopefully an end to the madness, although I fear not!

Here in Brazil, similar polarity is happening and get stronger since 2000’s, the left kept the command since 1994, in 2018 when the right won the elections they accused each other for many things. The clouds looks darker here too.

I agree. Different from Spain, but the same in as far as disruptive activity for the upholding of democracy. Draw your own conclusions from my post, it’s pretty open ended.

There’s seems to be no mid road or bipartisan left. You either lean far left or far right in the states. We seem to feel that going to extremes is the way to protests. It is our right to peacefully protest. I wish we could remember how to do it without resorting to violence. Families and friends have stopped speaking to each other over politics and that is so sad. JMHO. I pray for peace in the states and hopefully not feel ashamed of our leaders.

I'm 51 and I remember this episode of history or my country but the things that happened in USA last night are different because this his time is common people and no us forces who tried to defeat democracy.in spain were the commanders who started the coup d'etat. Trump should be yet put into court. He's the main responsable for this

When Franco had taken Juan Carlos under his wing after ETA's assassination of Carrero Blanco, the Spaniards had nicknamed him Juan the weak, as he seemed to be following Franco's politics. That day in 1981, he showed his true worth and what he did for Spain was tremendous. Such a shame he ended his reign in such a deplorable way. His son Felipe seems to be showing enormous integrity. Anyway, Trump's 4-year term, which was bad news from day 1, opened Pandora's box, and goes to show that we should never take freedom, morals and justice for granted. If nothing is done to protect and educate, these things remain fragile, as the greedy and corrupt are always lurking in the shadows.

These are dark days for America and Democracy. Thank you for posting this. 😔

No hero for a leader here, sadly .

Great story. Such a shame he blotted his copy book later in life.

remember what happened 1923 in Munich :(

There' a shit storm a comin'.....................

Jim, is that Mel Gibson sitting at the desk?

I'm so ashamed of my country right now. Yes, we will have a new administration and maybe some common sense and decency, but the kind of mobs who invaded the Capitol yesterday won't disappear, and neither will Trump and his enablers.

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3 weeks ago

Jim Moginie

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Gracias Jim!!!

Happy new year everyone.

Just do that. An album of that. No thought just noodling. No edits. Do it with Rotsey and I'll buy 100 copies.

Gorgous . I love this dreamy guitar music.

What a beautiful, soulful piece. Thank you, and have a better 2021.

Great sound Jim. It’s got a familiar twang to it - did you use this guitar on Space Farm?

Hugs my friend.❤ I see the range of emotions in your face and spilling out in your playing.

Wonderful tune. A touch of the North/South Pacific feel. Happy New Year.

Beautiful Jim. Happy New Year from Barcelona!

...delightful!...thank you for your music, I hope you have a great 2021, I'd love to sing some of your tunes...all the best of wishes...🖖

I love your music. A true artist.

Thank you Jim!

Beautiful, as Always Jim! Heartfelt Thanks, for All You, & Christabel did, in 2020! Happy New Year! 🎹🎸🎼🍾🍻🎉🙏

Jim thanks for all the music you’re posted this year. You’ve helped us get through a rough time. All the best for 2021 from the frozen north up here in Scotland 👍🖐

Thanks for all the lovely songs / music this year - been so great to hear. Cheers to a wonderful 2021 of seeing u up in bne

I could listen to you play all night ! Thanks for all that you share ❤️

Such talent, a true musician🎸

Thank you for sharing your music with us here this year, music soothes the soul and we all needed some soothing 💛 🎶🎶

Gorgeous playing.... Happy New Year Jimster!


Jim you are amazing 💚 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you Jim 😊

❤️ Thanks Jim for everything you’ve given us this year. Happy New Year .

Good morning Jim 🖖

Happy New Year Jim.

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4 weeks ago

Jim Moginie

#gameover #mozazimitabar a message to those in need at this time x ... See MoreSee Less


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It is truly a stain on all of us of what our government has done to these people. I really thought we were better than this.

Merry Xmas Jim Best Wishes 🙂

"Joyeux Noël" _from France_ Jim 🖐

Very Merry Christmas Jim xxx

We are all looking like old men these days Jim .. The days I spent on tour with your band made history .I always new it would . Now thats something I look back on, as the 80,s were my best years for working and lighting up the best bands .. Sorry for your lost of Bones .. The great kiwi bass player he was ..I still have alot of time for the Oils .. Kind Regards Former road crew .Chris Simmons, Showlite International ..

You're a good man, Jim. Thanks for everything you do and happy New Year from Seattle!

What an ornament you are to music and Australia. My wife and I can't wait to see you in Canberra next year

Thank you for being such an incredibly generous and caring support to the Medevac detainees, Jim. May it all come back to you tenfold!

Cheers Jim. Great words and have a cracker Xmas(war is over)

Awesome Jimmy 🧡

Merry Christmas Jim and Christabel

Merry Christmas from Québec province..

Merry Christmas to you Christabel and your family. So grateful for all you've done for us this year and grateful we all have each other.

Merry Xmas big soul Jim Moginie! God bless you this Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from Germany 🎄🧑‍🎄🎶🖐🍀

Merry Xmas to You & Christabel Jim, &, Thankyou for All You've Done for Us, in 2020! I Truly Hope You Know how Much Your Posts, & TipJar Series Etc, Meant to Us! 🙏🎼🎅🌲👏

And to you and yours Jimmy 🖐❤️

Thank you Jim. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Merry Christmas from Ireland Jim ☘️

Merry Christmas Jim. Hope you are happy and thankful. It has been a tuff year for everyone. Through it all you have given us hope, love & friendship through your songs. I hope to see you sometime soon in the states. PS. Can you tell me the signal chain for the vox on Terror Australia? Her voice is intoxicating. How did you get all that breathiness?? I keep hitting repeat on that song!!

Merry Christmas Jim Moginie!

Merry Christmas Jim, you’re a good man

Xx Jim!!

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1 month ago

Jim Moginie

Merry Christmas to all. Thank you for your support all this year with this little slideshow, so much has happened that is unexpected. This really is the silliest season yet. We move forward regardless knowing what we know, missing who we miss, and never minimize the loss: but in the words of Beatle George “Beware of sadness
It can hit you
It can hurt you
Make you sore and what is more
That is not what you are here for” #takecareofeachother
X Jim
painting #christabelblackmanart
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Hi Jim- Have a great Christmas...even if under a weird Covid cloud. We’ll get through it eventually. No risk. X

Thanks for everything you have done for us this year Jim. Have a great Christmas👍

Thanks for your very fine work this year. It’s meant a lot in this house ! Happy Christmas !

All the best for Chrissy Jim. We would have been all the poorer in 2020 without your words, music and performances, so thankyou.

Thanks Jim. And all the best to you and your families for the festive/silly season. We’ve been blessed by your omnipresence in 2020. Daily Tip jar performances were eagerly anticipated every morning by our family. I went to 4 gigs all year - 2 were yours. Lansdowne and Old 505. Both awesome. Incredibly special. What a year. Some highs but many challenges and lows. Take care everyone. As James Brown said “look up. Don’t look down”. Cheers

Thank you Jim. Midnight Oil you are the best band ever. we love you forever. ❤️

Thanks Jim for your words of hope and wisdom, and Merry Xmas from Spain.🌲🌲😉🍾🥂

Merry Christmas Jim 🎅👍got to see you all in Aus and UK on the last tour. Thank you so much for the music

Merry Christmas to you and Christibelle Jim 🙏see if you recognise the Chapman stick in my pic🤣

Merry Christmas and thank you, Jim for being so generous with your time the sharing of your own gifts and the also talented Christabel!

Merry Xmas Jim. Your show at the Landsdowne was such a lift for me and a great introduction to Kent Steedman

Merry Christmas Jim and much love and thanks to you for making the year lighter than might otherwise been so

Thanks Jim, this time last year or was it the one before, its all a blur, was JM and the Family Dog at the Bowlo and t'was a great time for all. Merry Christmas to you and Christabel. See you somewhere, somehow, sometime in 2021!

The Big Shift of 2020.. How to Mitigate a Loss comes to mind Jim.. The Way We Were.. Can't help but think there's still a lot more change to come.. Merry Christmas Jim..

Merry Christmas Jim. Wishing you all the very best for 2021

Beware of Darkness, what a song! That intro A - G - F7 yikes, and the turn around under 'and what is more, that is not what you are here for' - they aint writing chord progressions like that in pop music any more. Merry Xmas Jim, I will venture over the bridge and look you up in 2021 as threatened.

Merry Christmas Jim to you and yours! Thanks for the great tunes

Yes, it wasn't just another year for any of us. Thanks endlessly for everything you and all the other Oils have done to help us deal with it. It really goes a long way.

Thanks Jim, likewise yourself. You’ve put in a heck of a lot of work this year entertaining people - and keeping some of them sane. Cheers.

Not just the best band in the world but the best people as well, best wishes 😀

Merry Xmas Jim, to you and your family. So blessed I’ve seen you & eveline play this year & meet Mr. Wind. That was a very special evening to me. 🎄😘

Happy Christmas Jim and all the family from all in Ireland. X x

Merry Christmas Jim. This year has been horrible on so many levels. Thank you and the other Oils for making life a bit easier.

Merry Christmas to you. And wonderful quote from mr Harrison, so soulful.

Merry Christmas Jim & Christabel & Thank you for being you xxx

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1 month ago

Jim Moginie

Guitar, and swipe for the piano man and setlists. Still buzzing from it and thanks to those that were able to come and those that tried but couldn’t with cv restrictions. Thanks to Kenno for the sound, Cameron for the sweet venue (and the gorgeous piano) and Christabel for doing merch and photos. Much love for Christmas to all and let’s kick into ‘21 with gusto and make it 3x7, 3 times a lucky 7 year. X ... See MoreSee Less


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It was lovely to meet you on the Fri night after your show Jim! My husband Tim hasnt stopped talking about how much he had enjoyed it (me too!). We both admire not only your musical brilliance, but also the solid, down to earth and groovy dude that you are. Merry Christmas and God bless to you and your's 😃🌲🎅🥰

Merry Christmas Jim and Christabel. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! ❤️

Great work Jim. Glad we at least got our salubrious Christmas pizzas in before lockdown! Hope you do another solo gig soon anyway. We’ll be there! xx

Brilliant gig Jim. Incredible to see someone who has contributed so much to arts culture society human rights equity peace social justice and written the soundtrack of my life in such an intimate venue. It was like having you play in my lounge room. Thank you.

Wonderful experience Jim! Merry Christmas

Stay safe Jim 💕

Time To Heal is one of the greatest songs ever recorded

I wish I was there looks like a great intimate night of pure original music 🎶👌🙏

Nothing lost is a great song

And Messenger Birds, now I'm crying that I wasn't there...same list again in Lucky 21 please!

Merry Christmas Jim to you and your loved ones. Thank you for all that you did in 2020 and continue to day. Would love to see you in Melbourne in the New Year.

Merry Christmas to you Jim and Christabel. Thanks for everything you do to make our days brighter.

So glad U R staying active and that Australia is so much better than we are

Have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas Jim and Christabel! Have fingers crossed that 2021 is going to be a cracker!

Strange Beauty! Oh what a treat!

Hopefully I’ll see you in March.

Have a good Christmas Jim. That must have been a special concert and hopefully it contributed in a healing process. There is a lot of sadness over Bones, passing away. It hurts. The pain and the feeling of missing him hurts. Hopefully the pain gets less. But the love stays strong, will not get less, carrying you through. I wish you the best for the next year.

LOVE THIS Mogenius Seamus Moginie 3 x 7 sounds good to me... My lucky number 7! x

Great setlist - Would have loved to hear his rendition of Warakurna.

Merry Christmas Jim! Have a great holiday season.

Merry Christmas Jim I wish you much peace and happiness in 2021!

...We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, thank you so much!...Merry Christmas, and a bright and prosperous New Year!...🥂🖖...

Have an enjoyable holiday season!

Great set list!

That should à been a very special moment for the ones who were there. Hope we’ll be able to see you again in this side of the world. Wishing you a merry Christmas Jim

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1 month ago

Jim Moginie

Last night at #old505theatre Newtown doing 2 solo shows. I had a ball. Sorry for those that couldn’t make it due to cv, we missed you. ... See MoreSee Less

Last night at #old505theatre Newtown doing 2 solo shows. I had a ball. Sorry for those that couldn’t make it due to cv, we missed you.


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Thank you Jim. Got to Show 1. Loved every tune. Listening to Alas as I type this.....

Thank you Jim, enjoyed every minute.

Great venue!

Loved every minute of your show Jim, Just made a great day that much better !

It was fantastic, Jim. I’m with you also - Breathe is a great album!

Everyone who was there seems to have been absolutely thrilled. Bravo.

Thankyou for making my 2020 kind of wonderful in a difficult year. ♡

Nice photo -almost 1930's in style

On an unrelated note, the guy on the right has a great shirt! 😀

Thanks Jim Moginie both shows were great. Loved hearing NLNG and the Warakurna sing along in show 2 was also nice.

My hometown!!!

Yes Jim unfortunately I was in quarantine so I had to miss it. Can't help bad luck. By all reports it would've been fantastic.

Awesome show Jim, thanks so much for giving yourself to us. I loved hearing so many tunes pared back so we could hear the beautiful intricacies of the music. Great stuff!

Very sad to have missed you Jim, by all reports you gave the punters a fab experience yet again! #screwcv 😘


I love this little venue and was sorry to miss this one!

all you need is a candelabra ........oh, and maybe a sparkly sequin set of tails.

Thank you for sharing some really special songs. Was a great evening. Awesome way to see out 2020! #natureloversanonymous Andrew Douglas Joanne Douglas Caroline Crossan

Must have been unforgettable.

Jim Moginie, thanks for reprising your Tipjar songs in the Old 505 'Loungeroom!' Great selection from the 70 covers, adaptations and originals! A great showcase of your musical sensibilities on guitar, piano and eight string! I'm glad you'll never get tired of singing "Warakurna" as you capture the Western Desert and indigenous experience of white fellas arrival perfectly. The Tipjar version is hauntingly good! In my vocation I was telling a story and asking how it would be heard in a remote place, what it might mean (during NAIDOC week 2020) and I suggested it would be hard to get more remote in Oz than the western desert. I told a little of Warakurna's history as a place and then played your #Tipjar song while listeners reflected on the story! It was moving and soooo good! I had tears in my eyes I confess as I listened again last night and yes glad to hear of the 8.30pm singalong, I wanted to and some of us did a bit in the early rendition... I know everyone appreciated the opportunity to gather in this crazy time and yes we did miss the punters unable to roll up... Thanks for signing my 'Diesel and Dust' CD Sleeve, I worked out I've given away six copies to friends! We spoke in Newcastle about my mates making me listen to "10,9,8..." on cassette when I was hooked on the Oils sound and message and you signed a t-shirt for me then... "Diesel and Dust" is to me, the perfect album for it's time... bashed out as fireside folk rock that's all stood the test of time. No wonder we all wait for 'The Deadheart' at every gig! "The Makarrata Project" is I hope a mind changing follow up shining a light on the scar in our country's soul, which if healed could mean "the great south land could be as great as the one it could have been..." Thanks again and for your passion for the environment and for the ridiculous plight of refugees in our country, a national shame!

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1 month ago

Jim Moginie

Headshot alert! I’m solo tonight at #old505theatre Newtown; a few tickets left for early performance. Feeling the love. Link in bio or venue505.com/gigs/jim-moginie-alas-tip-jar-1605057379.html ... See MoreSee Less

Headshot alert! I’m solo tonight at #old505theatre Newtown; a few tickets left for early performance. Feeling the love. Link in bio or http://venue505.com/gigs/jim-moginie-alas-tip-jar-1605057379.html


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Outstanding. Such a special night. Only got to the early gig but geez, so intimate with 32 in the crowd. Burnie the stand-out but loved them all. Thanks Jim for providing an awesome start to the holidays.

Sorry I can't get there tonight Jim. But I'm not prepared to jump out of the line for Womadelaide in March 21 #standinline

So bummed I am locked up in the Northern Beaches and now can’t come! 😤😤 Have a fantastic couple of shows and feel all the lurve in the room! 😀😀😀

I’d love to be there but at the moment it’s impossible from Germany. Have a great time, maybe you’d like to visit Europe after the pandemic is over? 😷☺️

I so wish I could Beam over there from here in Massachusetts.

Serious game face!

Sooo looking forward to this gem!!! Thanks for reprising these Jim Moginie! Especially ‘Warakurna’ at early show!! If I get the chance, loving it comes with a story to tell!

Dang it I’m stuck in NY with 40 inches of snow ☹️

Would have loved to been there such a great talent 👏👏Merry Xmas Jim Best Wishes from the Goldie

I send you a lot of good positive waves 🍀🎸❤️✌️


have fun mate

Hope you enjoy this so much Jim, you might take this show on the road. Wish we could be with you this weekend. 💖💖

Hey have a great gig Jim. The whole solo gig idea sounds great!

Wish I was there. I'm sure it will be a great gig, Jim.

Flying up now, Jim!

I’d love to be there. Hopefully sometime soon you might feel like coming down to Melbourne for a few shows but for now, have a cracker tonight

Sorry I can’t be there Jim. I hope it goes OFF !!

I so Wish i could be there!!!

Love ya Jim , I hope you guys are ok.

Nerves of Steel . I hope they let you out of NSW in March for Makarrata, I've got tickets for the nose bleed section Geelong March 20 2021 👍🎯🌏🌈🦎

Exciting. Friday night with Jim!!

Wish I could be there ☹️

Have a wonderful time tonite. Wish I could be there.

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1 month ago

Jim Moginie

Musing or being bemused? A few spare tickets left for my AlasTipJar solo show at 505 Newtown next Friday night. See you there really looking forward to it. Link in bio or venue505.com/gigs/jim-moginie-alas-tip-jar-1605057379.html ... See MoreSee Less

Musing or being bemused? A few spare tickets left for my AlasTipJar solo show at 505 Newtown next Friday night. See you there really looking forward to it. Link in bio or http://venue505.com/gigs/jim-moginie-alas-tip-jar-1605057379.html


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I'll see you with the oils march 20 2021 Geelong 👍🎯🌏🌈🦎

I wish!!

Wish I could be there... your show in March was the last live music I’ve seen !!!! Still a pretty tight lockdown here, and if the numbers don’t change, lockdown will get even tighter.... so no live music for a while here... have fun 😘

Wish AU was a little closer to the states. It would be lovely to see you in such an intimate space.

I’m really looking forward to it too Jim! 😀 Thanks for coming to play with us all!

See you there Jim Moginie, I’ll stop bringing it up soon but would just say ‘please’ play Warakurna at least in your 6pm Dinner time show!!! So looking forward to this highlight at the end of a completely crap year!

Coming to 8.30 Show - cheers 🥂

Bit of Both, by the looks of it! But, Looking Well! 🎼🎹🎸🙏

Fitting that this will be the first gig I’ve attended since March. Looking forward to it immensely

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

The second show has sold out but I believe there are a few tickets left for the early show. Looking forward to this. Link in bio or venue505.com/gigs/jim-moginie-alas-tip-jar-1605057379.html X Jim ... See MoreSee Less

The second show has sold out but I believe there are a few tickets left for the early show. Looking forward to this.  Link in bio or http://venue505.com/gigs/jim-moginie-alas-tip-jar-1605057379.html    X Jim


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So happy for you Jim! I will be there in Spirit. You did your usual amazing job with your tip jar, I know the shows will be brilliant! ☮️🎶🙏💜

Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne !

Nice photo Jim. merry christmas to you your family and the band . I,M SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT BONES PASSING AWAY .. R.I.P ...Former Oils Road crew 1982,83,84.. ..

You did so much with your Alas TipJar sessions and by raising a ton of money for Support Act in the meantime. Can't wait to hear some of the songs on the night.

Come to the gold coast

Victoria awaits, when your busy schedule allows!

Hi Jim and fans of Jim! Very bummed I am now locked up on the Northern Beaches so can’t come to the show tonight! 😤😤 I have 2 freebie tix to the early show if anyone would like them. They’re E tickets so I can email them. I’d hate for them to go to waste if there was someone that could use some cheer!

Your a good man Jimmy

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

... See MoreSee Less


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Andrew Freeman

Great way to start the day, and a good morning to you 😊

Just great, atmospheric ambience... beautiful.

Wow. That was awesome.

Really interested in the origin of the artwork? It's distracted me (in a good way) during your performances.

Beautiful thanks Jim- eased the mighty heat

Beautiful - always such a treat to hear/see you play!

Beautiful playing Jim!

My soul feels like it just had a massage mate. ( : thank you

what is the model of this guitar?

Thanks mate! Beautiful 💜

So soothing, and a little sorrowful as well that I love it

Just beautiful- 🤗

Somehow life now seems a bit better. Thanks Jim ❤

Loving your posts , its like being there with you . Please Kick-start a Murmurations vinyl album for us Jim .👍❤🎯🌏


Beautiful! I Especially Loved that different bit, at the 2.09 Mark! Almost Defiant? Thanks for doing these! 🎸🎼🙏

So much music just keep coming out of ya

Magic Jim. Beautiful playing. Beautiful sounds.

Love it.💜✌🎶🎸🎶

Listen mate, I’m here in the Illawarra , Fairy Meadow, would love to jam with you . I play bass

https://youtu.be/jHEfuVacAeU Hi Jim! Notice how the beginning of your music is similar to a part of the music of this Brazilian composer named Ivan Lins (1:11m to 1:21m) 🙂.

I've been looking forward to these

Thank you 🙏🏻

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

35 years since the release of Species Deceases. How time slips away! Oh well. Ash Naylor of Even and #Rockwiz fame did a loving version of ‘Hercules’ a while back at my studio in Sydney. All sales go to #supportact. Support it! ... See MoreSee Less

35 years since the release of Species Deceases. How time slips away! Oh well. Ash Naylor of Even and #Rockwiz fame did a loving version of ‘Hercules’ a while back at my studio in Sydney. All sales go to #supportact. Support it!


Comment on Facebook

It’s my favourite ep of all time. It has an edge that is just sublime. I believe Hercules is Robs favourite track to play live!

Nice version. I’m really looking forward to Ash’s involvement in The Church when they eventually get the new band together to record. They’ve turned into something of a supergroup with Kilbey backed by members of Powderfinger, Even, Remy Zero and the Venetians.

Purchased and loving it. Ash is a brilliant guitarist and your work is cracking as ever Jim! Shell out some cash and support Support Act folks!

My favourite EP by anyone, one of my desert island discs for sure

Where can you get it?

Can still feel the floor rocking at those gigs ...

I was 15 yrs old and made it to three gigs on the species deceases tour. Kooyong tenis center , Philip Island and the excelsior hotel . Absolute time of my life !

Love this

Really love this. Great work gentlemen!

One of the greatest ep’s ever recorded 🖐

Jim, my Midnight Oil favorite song is Pictures... when people that don’t know all Midnight Oil works ask me ; “Which Album???”, I proudly show the Species Deceases CD inlay with Rob signature when you guys was here in 1997, took at extinct Radio Brasil 2000 FM 107.3 when he came for an interview. Two days later you guys played Pictures live, it was my Birthday, May 15th!!! I will never forget it! What gift!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Don't talk yourself down, Jim! We know you contributed a small part on this ripper 👍

EP’S don’t get any better than this. Matthew Yau, this has GOT TO BE the support act shirt next year!

Wow seems like yesterday, good times

WHAT!!!!!! 35 yrs 🙄 get outta here. Played this on cassette until it was flogged. Still right up there for me in the OILS cat. 👌👍

Such energy and passion - superb rekid

Awesome 4 songs

Great EP.

Great EP

Still have the board game. Could never figure out how to play it 😂😂


The EP that changed my life as a ten year old... #thanks

He's now joined the Church.

Kooyong 1985

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

It was a high honour last night to receive The Sydney Peace Prize for Human Rights. We are certainly in exalted company to be alongside the previous recipients. Here we are in conversation with Stan Grant. All of us are sorely missing our Kiwi brother. Photo: Christabel Blackman. ... See MoreSee Less

It was a high honour last night to receive The Sydney Peace Prize for Human Rights. We are certainly in exalted company to be alongside the previous recipients. Here we are in conversation with Stan Grant. All of us are sorely missing our Kiwi brother. Photo: Christabel Blackman.


Comment on Facebook

Congratulations Jim and Midnight Oil👏RIP Bones 🙏


It was a brilliant night Jim and we were absolutely thrilled to be able to acknowledge the contribution to peace, justice and human rights that you and the rest of the band have made. With much respect!

Congratulations, Jim and all of you in receiving this special award in person and in spirit. It was an honour to share this moment with you! x Antonia

Congratulations Jim. Much deserved.

Congratulations Jim and band. Bloody excellent !

Congratulations Jim, it’s extremely well deserved. It’s sad that Bones missed this honour but his spirit will always be with you.

True Respect. Congratulations! ... and unfortunately, so do we all Jim.

Congratulation, Jim. Nice gesture to take the medal of Bones and put it on the guitar strap there the war medals of his father and grandfather are.

What an honour, be very proud. Well and truly deserved

Massive congratulations!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Well done, Jim. Wonderful to see.

Grieving Bones dearly in Nashville!! Congratulations to you all for your well deserved honor!! I am sure Bones was there in spirit! <3

Congratulations and well earned Jim. Hope you are all doing ok. What a special award too.

Rock on Peace on.

Congratulations!! What an awesome achievement 🧡

Congratulations Jim and to you all,well deserved and such a honour ,and yes we all are missing the Jester 🙏

Congratulations Jim and band. Sad to hear recently about Bones.

Was a great presentation, just wish Rob had fired up earlier not left till it was all wrapping up. Congratulations

Congratulations and condolences

Brilliant news ! The new album is mighty !

What an amazing accomplishment Jim. So proud of you all. Missing that crazy Kiwi as well.

This was brilliant and extremely well deserved 💜

Top job Jim. Really well deserved mate.

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

Murmurations 2 ... See MoreSee Less


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Lovely, and I love the little smile at the end. Thank you 🎶🎶

Beautiful, effortless, sending a big hug your way Jim, thank you 🎼🎸🤘🏼😁

Next Break album I reckon.

So lovely to wake up to Jim. While my guitar gently weeps. 🎸❤️

“[birds]... fly together and swirl in a repeating, coordinated ever-changing pattern..” - as individual I move as a neighbor moves - what a great visual ... love the musical scribble!

It’s raining here, so perfect for the mood! 💜


Background bliss.

Thanks Jim, your murmurations make me think of the ebb and tide between peace and annoyances, the lost and found, A lot like 2020 will be remembered for...... 🖐

Thanks Jim. Loving the relaxing tunes and also the artwork behind you👍

This song reminds Paco di Lucia and Raphael Rabello. Excellent song Jim!!!

Great sound Jim. Love your playing.


Excellent, As Always Jim! Thankyou! 🎸🎼🙏

Just beautiful jimmy ❤️❤️

Sweet murmurs 👍🎯🌈🦎

could listen to you play all day. just a pleasure. how good is that neck pickup

Twanging round walking along in the wild flowers of summer.. Was listening to Deadman soundtrack by NY lastnight the outro toggles like a six string shooting...

Lovely start to the morning. Thanks Jim

New guitar Jim

play Wedding Cake!

Really, really nice sound Jim. A hint of things to come?

Thank you for sharing.

I could listen to a whole album of these

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

Murmurations 1 ... See MoreSee Less


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All the feels Jim, a bit melancholy, a bit reflective, a bit hopeful; not sure if that’s what you intended. 🙂 As a new fan who has found you through MO I love hearing you play solo like this, it’s just magic! Thank you ☺️

Just got to listen to these. Thank you x

Beautifully set up bigsby mate

Perfect wind down after a stressful day. Thank you, Jim! Sending love from Boston.

Thanks Jim, beautiful. 2020, a very tough year summed up in a reflective, moving tune. 💕

Nice one Jim.



Bob Lloyd

Onya M8y.,good to see you. Keep up the wonderful work that you do......cheers, T.

technicolor day dreams


Could listen to music like this all day. Thanks Jim

Beautiful, as always. Thank you for sharing.

Perfect for my afternoon at home doing some work on my "day off." Thank you

Oh, that’s just lovely. So peaceful.

Very relaxing

Thanks for this! Just right as I decompress between the visitation sessions for my Dad's passing.

Fantastic to see and hear your murmurs.👍🎯🌈🦎

Thanks for sharing Jim. I've just lost a friend in a car accident.. losing someone is terrible regardless but she was so young and she'd had a rough year to begin with. This sounds like my current mood, sombre and contemplative.

Very nice, reflective even.

Thanks Jim, just so peaceful 💕

Even my wife commented “that’s lovely music”. Thanks Jim. Keep em coming.

Beautiful Seamus. Ethereal “canoodling”...of the highest order. ♥️

Beautiful Jim! Thankyou! (Bring on the 18/12! Sooooo looking forward to this Show! Loved the TipJar Series!) 🎸🎼🤘

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

Me and The Rifles. Circa 2001 BC. ... See MoreSee Less

Me and The Rifles. Circa 2001 BC.


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I loved hearing Damian Lovelocks insights on Beatbox on a Saturday morning interspersed with amazing Australian music not least of which came from the rifles First time I heard Brave Faces too. Maybe Capitol Theatre shows.

Great band Jim 🎸💯

Damian was not your everyday Yoga teacher. Haha. Sure knew his stuff though.

Love Kent Steedman’s new stuff

Francois Frenchdude

BC! HaHa! Never lose your Sense of Humour! Great Pic! 😉🎼👌

Great pic

Bunch of legends, all of you.

Damo always smiling

I see some Dogs three.

Are you meeting the Queen?

Handsome man there in the white shirt!

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

Posted @withregram • @midnightoilband Maybe Bruce Springsteen says it best.
‘...On through the houses of the dead past those fallen in their tracks Always movin' ahead and never lookin' back....
But the stars are burnin' bright like some mystery uncovered
I'll keep movin' through the dark with you in my heart
My blood brother.’
Hours become days, days years, and years decades. What can you say about a man that you have spent more time with than your own partner, parents or siblings? Someone who you knew even better than yourself. What do you call them? Blood brother, that’s what.
To be in a band you rely on others, it doesn’t work unless you’re all present and accounted for. There’s so much love, co-dependency, brotherly friction, shared knowledge, so many storms weathered.
Terror Australia was written by Pete and Bones a long time ago. Pete remembered it and exhumed it from a cassette from the Capricornia era because it fitted the Makarrata theme perfectly.
We demoed it last year in the studio, and there were all sorts of instruments on it, none of which were helping. When I played the changes on the piano, a good way of getting to the heart of a song by clearing the air, Bones quietly said ‘that’s the way it should be, just the voice and the piano.’ I knew in an instant he was right, he said the same thing about ‘In the Valley’ years ago too. It didn’t need the cavalry charging in on it either.
When Alice Skye sang it, there wasn’t a dry eye in the control room. She gave it the necessary gravitas, and it sounded haunted and beautiful. Now you knew exactly what the song was all about, sung by someone who knew just what it meant.
Bones wouldn’t want anyone to be sad, but the tears flow regardless, despite his best intentions. I always suspected, though he didn’t wear robes (apart from hotel bathrobes) he was very Zen, living for the moment, for the wisecrack, the perfect note hit, for the smile that went on forever. Or nearly forever.
Rest In Power: Bones Hillman
... See MoreSee Less


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Beautiful words about a beautiful man Jim and what a voice he had

Big Love to all of the Oils and Bones' fam.....Bones' harmonies were sung at many a family party when we all sat around and played your beautiful music. Feel thankful for his gift but also really sad that I won't get to see him again. I think you all made the perfect song for these feelings "In the valley I walk - I cried yes I cried I was down then I crawled Mercy's arms all around me when I was down there In the valley I walk - do you read me they can hear me in the valley"

This song (even written years ago) sounds like a goodbye song (the melody). It is a stunning piece of work, yet very simple, and that's the beauty of it. Very powerful with only a voice and a piano.... magic

Beautiful words Jim. ❤️

Now ... I Loved this Song from the First time I Heard it... Now After Reading this, I'm in Tears AS Well... Thanks Jim Moginie Thanks Bones, Thanks Midnight Oil for 40 Years of brilliant music...

This is a beautiful piece of music 💕🥰💗 Bones’ smile will last forever in your heart and memories 🤗😊

So so sorry for your loss Jim. What a song he’s left is with!

Such a beautiful song. I have it on at least 10’times a day.

Thanks Jim. Top song. Will miss Bones. Danny.

Beautiful. Thank you Jim.

Marvellous eulogy- thanks for the glimpse from afar of the depth and breadth of blood brotherhood

The moment, the changes ,the magic ,,,, when you know , you know

Thanks Jim. ❤️

Still aching for you all. Much love.

"everything you do continues long after you've gone" Neil Finn / Jim Moginie

Thank you.

Beautiful Jim

Beautiful Jim. Just beautiful.

This song does just get to me - its just so beautiful just like what u just wrote. Big hugs Jim. xxxx

Terror Australia is my favourite track from the album. It's an absolute standout.🧡

A perfect tribute to our wonderful Bones. May you be laying down a few riffs in the heavens above. I wished they had let us have you a bit longer.

A masterpiece

He couldn't have asked for a better eulogy.

Well done finding words in that moment Jim, to express where you were at... what a song and story, what a great bloke, Bones Hillman!!

This is just beautiful Jim. What lovely, lovely words. And Terror Australia stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. Easily my favourite, most powerful song on the album. This month, anyway. I can't imagine what you all are going through now. All I can think is that you seem to be doing a terrific job of honouring a fine man, very close to perfectly. And grieving the loss of the potential to be close to him, again, so truly. Thanks again for expressing your thoughts like this for us.

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2 months ago

Jim Moginie

First show sold out. Second show added @ 6pm x link as before and in bio ... See MoreSee Less

First show sold out. Second show added @ 6pm x link as before and in bio


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Love to be able to attend but no single tickets hope it is a wonderful time for all

Enjoy - very jealous

This will be great, Jim. Looking forward to it.

Going! Looking forward to it. Thanks Jim. Well played at Narrabeen RSL too!!

Ok, Nanna is going to the matinee show cos she was too slow to get tix to the late show! 😂😂😂 (This is assuming I’m not down in Melbs helping mum recover after surgery) Who else is coming to the early show? 😀😀

I Can't Wait for this Show!!!! I Absolutely Loved the Whole TipJar Series! Can't wait to see The Setlist Either? Bring it On! 🎹🎸🎤🎼🎶🙏

Can’t wait to be there. So looking forward to this night. 🥰

Geez awesome Jim

Would be awesome if you could play some gig's in Melbourne

So the first show is now the second show. Got it! 🤘

Have fun everybody!!!!

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