When did we become so addicted to locking innocent people up?

Why must a family suffer so much for their right to a legal process, or refugees be tortured for 8yrs?

Our willingness as a country to destroy lives, as punishment or deterrence, is horrific.

Tamil family in limbo on Christmas Island after appeal ruling

The family from regional Queensland are fighting moves by the federal government to deport them to Sri Lanka.

Don Khan is just 24. He was detained in 2013

5 yrs ago he was recognised as fleeing persecution as a Rohingyan refugee

How is it possible that despite serious psychological trauma & self harm, he’s still locked up indefinitely in Melbourne after 8yrs? It’s horrific


Good to catch up with renowned @midnightoilband musician, all round fantastic human, great friend of refugees & collaborator to @mostafaazimitabar today with my great friend @lizdeepjones

Thanks @jimmoginie for your support for refugees everywhere & particularly our mate Moz 💜

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